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Efficient Waterproofing Service Across Quebec

Do you want your foundations to remain waterproof and in good condition? Trust EpoxyPro Inc to offer you professional waterproofing services in Sherbrooke and throughout Quebec. Waterproofing consists of creating a waterproof barrier between the soil and the foundation in order to extend the life of your concrete and reduce the level of humidity.


The welded elastomeric membrane consists of pressure washing, drying, priming and then welding, with the help of a torch, of the 2.5 mm thick elastomeric membrane which can stretch over 30% of its length.


The polyurea based sprayed membrane, which can reach up to 310%, is a very good option for both concrete and stone (rubble) foundations. This membrane requires a sound substrate free of cavities, sharp edges, grease, oils and other contaminants. The high speed of application and extremely fast cure of this two-component product make it an excellent choice to reduce backfill time.


The sprayed membrane is an elastomer and synthetic rubber-based membrane for waterproofing non-uniform surfaces such as stone foundations. The preparation work is complex, as we must first repair the surface to remove holes and cracks. Depending on the temperature and relative humidity, a drying period of 24 to 48 hours is necessary before backfilling. Then, a sopradrain membrane or equivalent is installed before backfilling to protect the membrane.

Our team of experts and professionals offers you quality assistance and puts its expertise to good use in order to guarantee that your waterproofing is well done! Contact us for more information and to benefit from our services.

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