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Slurry Pit and Manure Pit Repair Across Quebec

Are you looking for a team of specialists in slurry pit and manure pit repair in Sherbrooke and throughout Quebec? Pit repair consists of waterproofing the cracks caused by the hardening of the concrete and the joint between the walls and the lead. The product used meets environmental standards and has an elasticity of 50% over its length, which allows for movement caused by frost.

Preventive repair significantly reduces costs, maintains the integrity of the concrete structure while reducing environmental impacts from manure or slurry run-off into the ground.


Specialists in this field for several years, we have acquired the experience and the necessary equipment to carry out your work (motorized scaffolding that can roll over any pit).


All work carried out by EpoxyPro Inc is guaranteed for 5 years. 

Do not wait any longer, contact our professional team to get a quote on our services and to entrust us with your work.

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